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Just like a starship, a story needs a solid foundation so it doesn't crash and burn.

launch your next book into the stars

Craft something built to last with...


Creative Foundations 

Your voice, your vision, and your story can change the world.

I built this course for you.
Whether you are a beginner writer or a published author, Creative Foundations is an invaluable tool in your process.

It's an amalgamation of proven story formulas and years of coaching expertise.  

 When I was in high school, I would search endlessly for stories that let me see myself as a queer youth. 

I couldn't find them, so I tried to write my own books.

I'd start typing and maybe get a few chapters in, but then I’d lose steam and wonder, why is this so hard? I didn’t understand how to write the stories I wanted to put into the world. 

All these years later, I know I could’ve skipped so much insecurity and confusion with the right professional help. That’s what I want to offer you now, as a certified book coach.

Creative Foundations will teach you to:


Improve Your Intention and Clarity



Learn how to build meaning, message, and theme into every scene.

Image by Meg Boulden


Nail your cause-and-effect trajectory so every page pulls readers in deeper.

Hook Your Readers With Every Scene 


Develop Complex, Interesting Characters 

Close-Up Portrait


Create characters who have goals, motivations, and fears that feel as real as our own.

Old Globe


Structure a world abundant with vibrant people and fascinating places.

Build Worlds You Can Get Lost In

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Here's what my clients say...

Typing on the Computer

Dana Foley, Client

My novel idea was stuck in my head for years. With Rose's help, I'm now immersed in my first draft and know my characters and plot in ways I never imagined. Rose has been my best advocate, supporter, guide, and collaborator as I set out on the lonely and confusing journey  of writing a book.

Notebook Dried Plants

Mona Mehas, Client

Rose helped me immensely in the writing of my novel, Dreams to Visions. It was all over the place, with several POVs and no real cohesiveness. She helped me see how I could make it fit together and find my story arc. 
I highly recommend Rose when you need any advice in writing or editing.

Writing with Pen

Duncan Ellis, Client

Rose provided a valuable outside perspective on my work, a specific analysis
of where the story and the writing worked, and where it did not. Observations about the story were generously worded, the advice given was actionable, and the whole was delivered compassionately. Knowing
what I'm doing next on the work is a great gift. 

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