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Your child deserves to thrive.

Creative writing can help them find their voice through the power of story.

Presented by Rose O'Reilly,
Certified Book Coach and Children's Instructor.

Rose has been coaching authors through the tumultuous process of book writing since January 2021. They have been instructing children even longer, with close to five years of experience. Whether it be creative writing, traditional art, gymnastics, or even martial arts, Rose has always found that teaching is their most rewarding pursuit. 

In this webinar we will cover

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Typing on the Computer

Dana Foley, Client

My novel idea was stuck in my head for years. With Rose's help, I'm now immersed in my first draft and know my characters and plot in ways I never imagined. Rose has been my best advocate, supporter, guide, and collaborator as I set out on the lonely and confusing journey  of writing a book.

Notebook Dried Plants

Mona Mehas, Client

Rose helped me immensely in the writing of my novel, Dreams to Visions. It was all over the place, with several POVs and no real cohesiveness. She helped me see how I could make it fit together and find my story arc. 
I highly recommend Rose when you need any advice in writing or editing.

Writing with Pen

Duncan Ellis, Client

Rose provided a valuable outside perspective on my work, a specific analysis
of where the story and the writing worked, and where it did not. Observations about the story were generously worded, the advice given was actionable, and the whole was delivered compassionately. Knowing
what I'm doing next on the work is a great gift. 

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