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I need your help.

Hi, this is Rose. I need your help.

I don't want anyone else to feel like I did in my small-town high school: anxious, isolated, and desperate to be more "normal," whatever the hell that means...  (Might as well say it; white, straight, cis, neurotypical, etc.)

I hoarded the few books I could find with queer protagonists, keeping them hidden from my friends, my family, and anyone else who might cast judgement upon me. Each one was precious as gold, because they were proof I wasn't alone.

Someone out there in that big ol' world was telling my story.

I believe that the LGBTQ+ community deserves to see themselves.

We deserve to read about ourselves in stories--stories written for all ages, and in all genres. If you're like me, you can count off every piece of media where you truly felt lifted up and loved. 


We need to see more of ourselves--good rep, not caricatures or stereotypes, not just wonderbread white narratives, not an afterthought when the real story is done. 

You, as a writer, as a creator, as a badass with a story to tell--YOU can help make this a reality.

As a certified Book Coach, I can guide a group of intrepid writers through the process of planning and writing their big story idea. My goal is to help you do the literary equivalent of catching lightning in a bottle.


With my expertise, you can commit to finishing a blueprint for your novel. We will cover:

  • Your motivations as an author, aka the fuel that keeps you striving

  • The differences between plot vs. story, and how you need to knit both toghether like an infinity scarf with a golden thread.

  • The elusive art of character motivations: goals, motives, and the ensuing conflicts.

  • Narrative drive and maintaining your cause-and-effect trajectory.

  • Worldbuilding! 

  • Where the heck you should be starting the story?

  • Where the heck you should be ending it??

  • And much more!

This class will be limited to 15 participants. We will meet weekly over Zoom to share our progress, get feedback, and write the best stories we can.

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