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Why should we work together?

I believe that the LGBTQ+ community deserves to see themselves.

You, as a writer, as a creator, as a badass with a story to tell—YOU can help make this a reality.

If you're wondering who might benefit from one-on-one coaching, the answer is EVERYONE. There's even a TEDtalk about it here

I'm can help you dig into the soul of your story-- what you're really trying to convey in each of your pages, as well as what might lead you away from a gripping story.

I'll keep you on track, both as a ruthless project manager and a cheerleader--and as a writer, I have an intimate understanding of exactly how much self-doubt, fear, and general pain can crop up when you write a novel.



















This is for you if:

  • You're starting a new project: Figure out why you want to write this story, discover your authorial intent, dive deep into character motivations, worldbuilding, plot, and target audience. 

  • You need to bring clarity to a current project: Maybe something just hasn't been working. Does the middle sag? Maybe an ending won't reveal itself to you. This package will bring you back to the fundamental building blocks of story and shine a light on every crack and weakness in your pages.


What happens:

You mosey over HERE to fill out an introductory form to tell me a little more about yourself and your idea.

​We'll schedule a thirty-minute consultation call so I can make a plan about how to best help you write your book! This is a great time to talk about goals and expectations. 

​Next, I'll send you your first homework assignment. You'll have two weeks to get it done and submit it to me—ALL submissions are due on Mondays before 11:00 am. You should aim to submit up to 20 pages in 12 pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced. I'll return my feedback by 5:00 pm the following Friday.

We'll have our first official coaching call to talk about your progress—what's working, what's not, and your next steps. For the next three months, you will send your pages to me every two weeks, receive feedback, and clarify your next steps with a coaching call for every submission.​


IN SUMMARY: Three months of 1:1 coaching, access to my blueprinting workbook, and bi-weekly feedback and editorial summaries with each submission 

  • Access to my collection of writing resources and worksheets: $600 value

  • Thoughtful in-line feedback on your bi-weekly submissions: $500 value


  • Big picture editorial summary of each submission: $400 value

  • Bi-weekly coaching calls: $200 value

Three months of coaching: $1700 value

Your first three months of coaching:


$450/ a month

($1350 for three months!)

Round Library

As a Book Coach, I can guide a group of intrepid writers through planning and writing their big story idea. My goal is to help you do the literary equivalent of catching lightning in a bottle.

"Writers write alone" is partially true, but most SUCCESSFUL writers have a lot of support—support from their friends and family, various experts, beta-readers, agents, and editors, publishers, etc.

Sometimes when you're starting out, it's hard to find that kind of community.

Did you know that 97% of writers never finish a first draft?

Maybe that's because they didn't have someone who supported them 100%. 

Don't let fear and doubt win. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't have to do everything alone. I can help you finish a book that you can be proud of.


Invest in your story and yourself!

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