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Your child deserves to thrive.

Birdling can help them find their voice through the creative power of story.

Story 101:
Online Creative Writing Workshop

Birdling Academy of Story offers a unique approach to children’s creative writing, based on brain science that proves that our brains learn best through storytelling. We want to teach your child how to write stories that leave a fingerprint on their readers’ hearts and souls.

While we prioritize inspiring children to learn healthy and joyful self-expression, confidence, and resilience through their writing, they also learn many skills that are applicable to schoolwork. Get a head start with the coaches at Birdling--we’re excited to see what your child will achieve!

Each Birdling class is crafted to make a difference for your child:



 We beleive that diverse representation is incredibly important for young minds, and we encourage our writers to embrace all aspects of their unique identity.



Building confidence through trying new and challenging hobbies is essential to creative growth. Your child will feel pride for the projects that they worked hard to complete.

Reinforced Problem-Solving 

Writing isn't easy. When we tell a story, mistakes happen. We teach children how to problem solve, not just give up. There are always solutions to be found in revision!


ELA Skills

Finding creative and fun ways to practice reading comprehension, sentence flow, and grammar usage is essential to keep children from dreading their language arts classes.

Claim your seat now.
While you wait, we’ll send you a free PDF resource full of writing prompts for your child. 

Typing on the Computer

Kay Greene, Client

Rose is an excellent instructor! She is able to thoughtfully engage and connect with students to ensure that everyone knows they are in a welcoming and supportive environment. I have learned so much from her!

Notebook Dried Plants

Theo Woodard, Client

Working with Rose was such a pleasure overall! They were extremely helpful and gave me lots of good advice and just were a general joy to work with. Highly recommend working with them!

Writing with Pen

Ashley Tramutolo, Client

Rose is one of the most sincere instructors I have ever had the opportunity to learn from. Their integrity really allows for the creation of a safe learning environment and their passion is inspirational. 

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